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This scene of Zuko reminded me so much of Grave of the Fireflies’ (see picture below) UGHHHH!!! WHHHYYYY!!!?!?

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“My Neighbor Appa!” :)

I loved all the Ghibli influences in AtLA and I hope we’ll get to see more in Book of Spirit ^^

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This was the women when Korra asked something on Season 1 Episode 1 of Legend of Korra.

They look kinda similar I mean, look at it. Meng

Same gap teeth, & nose. I don’t know if that’s her for sure, 


I can’t believe I haven’t noticed this. 

#OMG It all makes sense now!! Seeing as to how and where she knew where to go to, to reach the Air Temple Island! She’s been stalking Aang this whole time! #SHIT JUST GOT REAL!

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The Prodigy

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Posters from the signing today! And look, older GAang!

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Pardon me, I’m going through my Azula-life crisis…

I just really miss her, OK?!! If Zuko is still alive, I’m sure she still is. She’s not going to let her brother out live her!

D: I’m horrible..

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Eek! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past week and a half… Been really busy with work lately. 
I know this is mainly a LOK/A:TLA blog but omg 2NE1 is finally back…woot woot..lol I’m sorry, I just am really fond of their music, their style, their everything! Here is their new M/V for 'I Love You'. If you don’t know who 2NE1 is, I highly recommend you to listen to their songs :)

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Aangry search: Katara and Suki Edition

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