When people are still following me even though we barely share any fandoms and I know they’re probably just being polite. So uhm how you doin you okay you still hanging in there with all the random shit I post do u want a cookie or some coffee or soda or something, I can make hot chocolate uhm alright well have a good day, I appreciate you and your tolerance for my insanity

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Aneven if it means we have to be apart.

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Posters from the signing today! And look, older GAang!

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Pardon me, I’m going through my Azula-life crisis…

I just really miss her, OK?!! If Zuko is still alive, I’m sure she still is. She’s not going to let her brother out live her!

D: I’m horrible..

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Aangry search: Katara and Suki Edition

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- Waterbenders: : We are able to control anyone with blood bending.
- Firebenders: : We are the superior element and can control lightning.
- Earthbenders: : We had a 12 year old blind girl create metal bending!
- Airbenders: : Well, we have...tattoos, gliders and good senses of humor.
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The Wheels of Fortune

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