I just wanna say THANK YOU to my new followers!!! DKDSFDJSJKASJFK I gained like 10 followers!! How did this happen?

And most of them are KPop blogs, even though I post/reblog a lot LOK/A:TLA/Studio Ghibli. I appreciate every single one of you :) I hope you all have a great day/week/year/dasfligasd

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Look at what I found in Grey Delisle's wikipedia page!! OMG! How did I not know about this!? Where was I when this was announced?

So she’s voicing the dark spirit in Book 2, I can’t wait :)

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  • Did  you know? 'Amo' is the Tagalog (Philippine language) word for boss?
  • And, if you feel like learning a new math equation…



Therefore, AMON = BOSS

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Here is Asami Sato simpsonized with her Book 2 outfit (sans the goggles and helmet)…lawl

(wish I had a scanner..looks a lot better on paper)

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How Korra eventually won Mako over!
- Korra: : Hi Mako, it's Korra! How's it going?
- Mako: : ...
- Korra: : *sigh* Do you got a cigarette?
- Mako: : No.
- Korra: : Mako, this might sound incredibly dumb, but I love you and I'll do anything to make you love me....I love your shirt.
- Mako: : O-k...
- Korra: : Mako you're not going to believe this but I had this very bizarre dream and you were in it (snaps finger)
- Mako: : Omfg I love you!
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Amon (Noatak) was neither a hero or a villain. He was a misguided soul trapped in his own body and spirit. All he needed was the love and acceptance he desired all along. For everyone to be treated as equal.

Ok, let’s not dwell in the past. Only try to see the brighter side in these dark situation.

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I’m quite pleased with my new wallpaper :) I can stare at it forever. 

Anyway, Avatar Jafar is looking fine and dandy.

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EDIT: HA! I knew it! For someone as lost in his ways as Amon was, I knew there had to have been some sort of connection with him to Yakone. I should just start drawing lottery numbers :D Note, I made this post right after Korra’s first flashback. Ep 4, I believe?

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