Oh wow..haha that Amon mask on Aang’s statue killed me..lol

and Lin’s little bitch slap to Tenzin and Bolin peeing? I guess toilet jokes will never get old, literally.

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The Wheels of Fortune

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Nicoy salad right? Amiright?

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Sais Pas: Amon is Tenzin.


Think about it.

Tenzin, despite his cool demeanor, is furious that the Airbenders were nearly wiped out. He blames all benders, not just Firebenders, for this, and has made it his goal to erase all benders except for Airbenders off the map, permanently.

Think about it.

Tenzin’s father, Aang,…

Very interesting. This is about the only ‘Amon Theory’ that makes plausible sense at all. If you have noticed on 1x03 ‘The Revelation’ when Amon was dodging Lightning Bolt Zolt’s firebending, it seemed like an Airbender moving. Also, the way Tenzin looked away when Korra told him what she witnessed ‘Amon’ do.

If he’s not Amon, he obviously knows something we are not aware of. I guess we’ll all just have to wait.

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Ok, I’m sure people have thought of this but I haven’t seen one..so, here you go I guess :)

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Perfect timing..lol

I guess Tenzin is a jerk..Y U NO WAVE GOODBYE?!!

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Like Mother, like Daughter

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