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Title: New Evolution of the 21st Century
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Amon (Noatak) was neither a hero or a villain. He was a misguided soul trapped in his own body and spirit. All he needed was the love and acceptance he desired all along. For everyone to be treated as equal.

Ok, let’s not dwell in the past. Only try to see the brighter side in these dark situation.

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I’m quite pleased with my new wallpaper :) I can stare at it forever. 

Anyway, Avatar Jafar is looking fine and dandy.

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EDIT: HA! I knew it! For someone as lost in his ways as Amon was, I knew there had to have been some sort of connection with him to Yakone. I should just start drawing lottery numbers :D Note, I made this post right after Korra’s first flashback. Ep 4, I believe?

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Aangry search: Katara and Suki Edition

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The Wheels of Fortune

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